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strategy, software, and leadership

strategy, software, and leadership

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Helping fine tune organization strategy and operations

Founded with a vision to help nonprofit organizations of all sizes, Clark Nonprofit Consulting is a consulting service company providing nonprofit organizations and churches with strategic planning, board development, technology selection and implementation, marketing, fundraising, as well as compliance and startup consultation and contract services. Are you and your organization looking for help or guidance in any of these fields? Clark Nonprofit Consulting’s experience operating and growing nonprofit organizations as a former nonprofit executive, staff member, and board member has developed the expertise needed to be your executive on call and an understanding of just what you are going through. Clark Nonprofit Consulting has also worked with emerging nonprofit technology companies gaining extensive knowledge of the software available to nonprofit organizations as well as how to integrate it into organizational operations.

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Strategic planning

Strategic planning doesn’t have to be about creating a document that will just sit on the shelf. Let’s take an integrated approach working with board and staff alike to assess the past, understand the present, and plan for and be prepared for the future. It’s time to stop settling for “this is how it’s always been done” and start honing your programs, operations, and mission.

marketing & communications

So you set up a Mailchimp account and a Facebook page - now what? Effective marketing and communication is all about putting the right message, in front of the right group of people, at the right time. Learn how persona based marketing and communication can help you do just that.

Board Development

Whether you are a working board, advisory board, or fundraising board, it helps to plan for the future. Let’s look to the future to predict the needs your organization will have and get the right people around the table that can help.

fundraising & Development

New tax laws, a changing donor base and declining open rates and returned phone calls don’t have to scare you. We will explore how tried-and-true best practices can be adopted and adapted to help your organization effectively and sustainably raise funds.


With experience working for a nonprofit software company, our expertise can help you choose the right software for your organization, get the best price, integrate it into your daily workflow, and train your team. It has never been a better time for nonprofits with many great software options that are easy to use and can connect with one another!

compliance & 501c3 Startup

Do you have questions about starting a nonprofit organization? Need help drafting and filing the appropriate paperwork? How about filing the annual required federal and state documentation? Or even knowing your fiduciary duties as a board member? Look no further.


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