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A deep look into adopting a social enterprise model as a nonprofit

A few years ago, I published my research on what it would look like for a nonprofit organization to adopt a social enterprise model or approach in their development model in order to achieve sustainable revenue. This was titled “Blood:Water Mission: a Case Study to Adopt a Social Enterprise Model.” The case study sought to determine how a organization could benefit from adopting social enterprise within its current nonprofit model or aspects of the social enterprise model in order to increase overall organizational revenue and sustainability. The research also reviewed current and relevant literature on the subjects of social enterprise and philanthropic trends, features four interviews from three nonprofits; one for-profit social enterprise, as well as featuring a collection of internal data from an organization (Blood:Water Mission) as well as data looking at philanthropy and consumer spending. It was discovered that social enterprise can benefit the organization if implemented while offering a great product or service, has a solid business plan, and doesn’t create mission drift. But on the flip side, could also be a detractor if not properly set-up and integrated within the current structure and mission.

Want to read more? Download and read the full CASE STUDY here.